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We make it easier to get away from the daily noise, clear your mind and restore balance. Dry salt is a natural healer and creates a sense of calmness for people of all ages.

Intown Salt Room offers two unique salt room experiences, a Breathing Room and Meditation Room. Each breathing and meditation session is 30 minutes, where you simply sit in a zero gravity chair, relax to calming music and breathe.





Our shared Meditation room combines Himalayan salt with sound therapy to help you relax. Slip on a pair of headphones and sink into one of our zero gravity Wave Loungers built with Acoustic Resonance Technology™, for a whole body sensory experience. This mind and body meditation encourages you to be present and calm, leaving you rested and rejuvenated.


Our Breathing room is a private haven of Himalayan salt, infused with the purest of salt air. Breathing in a dry salt room, known as dry salt therapy, can cleanse your airways and allow you to take in more oxygen for a deeper breath. In addition to respiratory benefits, dry salt can have a positive effect on skin and be naturally calming to help relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue.


About Us

Intown Salt Room, a member of the Salt Therapy Association, is the only stand-alone facility to offer two different experiences, dry salt therapy (halotherapy) and meditation with sound therapy inside Atlanta’s 285 perimeter.  Intown Salt Room, a technological and modern 1,000 square foot space with 6,000 pounds of Himalayan salt incorporated in the decor, is owned and operated by Grant Park resident Carrie Wright.  Dry salt therapy helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue, reduces snoring and sleeping problems, helps with overall skin health and skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and acne and helps improve allergies, asthma and sinus infections.  Men and women alike also enjoy Intown Salt Room’s meditation room with sound therapy. The meditation room is equipped with two state-of-the art, zero gravity Wave Loungers from So Sound Solutions with proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology that allows sound to resonate through the body while it’s simultaneously piped in via in-room speakers and headphones. 

“As a result of seeking a healthy way to relax and help manage stress, I discovered salt rooms,” Wright said. “Personally, even though I lived a healthy lifestyle, exercised and tried to balance work and life, I needed a place where I could go sit and just breathe. Then I found myself enjoying all these other amazing and natural health benefits that came with dry salt therapy.”

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