Wellness Passes for Businesses

Wellness benefits are more important than ever for the modern workplace! With Intown Salt Room’s wellness passes, Businesses can now offer their employees and members a unique place to unplug and recharge, helping to prevent decision fatigue and workplace stress as needed. Each wellness pass has one value and allows the recipient to choose their Himalayan salt room experience.



Our shared Meditation room combines Himalayan salt with sound therapy to help you relax. Slip on a pair of headphones and sink into one of our zero gravity Wave Loungers built with Acoustic Resonance Technology™, for a whole body sensory experience. This mind and body meditation encourages you to be present and calm, leaving you rested and rejuvenated.


Our Breathing room is a private haven of Himalayan salt, infused with the purest of salt air. Breathing in a dry salt room, known as dry salt therapy, can cleanse your airways and allow you to take in more oxygen for a deeper breath. In addition to respiratory benefits, dry salt can have a positive effect on skin and be naturally calming to help relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue.


Wellness Pass Details


Simply wear the clothes you arrive in and place your items in a secure locker during your 30-minute session. Conveniently inside Atlanta’s 285 perimeter, Intown Salt Room is located on Memorial Drive in Grant Park. Free parking available in deck adjacent to building or ample street parking.

  • Only Businesses can purchase these wellness passes.

  • Minimum order of 10 passes.

  • Pass value is $30, redeemable for one RELAX or BREATHE 30-minute session. Passes do not have an expiration date.

  • Sessions must be scheduled at least one-day in advance by simply calling the phone number on the back of their pass. The recipient must present their pass at check-in.

For inquiries contact Carrie Wright at carrie@intownsaltroom.com or at 678-974-7867